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Cacao is a powerful superfood and a way for people with diabetes to enjoy chocolate again. Cacao, not to be confused with cocoa, is the sugar-free base of chocolate. It is also a superfood that can help you get your diabetes under control.


Even if you aren’t ready for a major life change right now, cacao represents one small step you can take to build a healthier lifestyle. 


Here are just some of the amazing things we know about cacao:


✓ Improved insulin production: Cacao has been found to increase secretion of insulin while increasing the amount of sugar taken out of the bloodstream.


✓ Controls Inflammation: Polyphenols are antioxidants found in cacao that can help prevent DNA damage and protect against inflammation. This is important for protecting nerves from injury and keeping heart tissues healthy. 


✓ Off-the-Charts Minerals: Cacao is packed with magnesium and iron. Magnesium is a mineral that is needed for producing energy, keeping the brain healthy, and building strong muscles. It can also help keep blood pressure at healthy levels. Iron is needed to help the immune system and deliver oxygen to all parts of the body.


✓ Heart Healthy: The flavanols in cacao are thought to improve nitric oxide levels in the blood, which can improve the function of your blood vessels and reduce blood pressure.


But how do you start working this superfood into your daily diet? 


Introducing the Everything Cacao for Diabetics recipe book, packed with delicious, healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - all featuring cacao! 


These recipes are all quick and easy, with low to moderate carbohydrate levels.


Long-term management - and even reversal - of type 2 diabetes starts in the kitchen. Even better, it can be fun and taste good, too.


We’ll even cover the cost of shipping!

Liz Merriweather, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, recipe book co-author

Certified Mental Health Provider Diabetes Program, American Diabetes Association


Lauren Tronolone, Registered Dietitian 

Nutritionist, recipe book co-author

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Everything Cacao for Diabetics recipe book includes: 


    ✓  Delicious entrées for every meal

    Never be at loss of ideas for meal planning


    ✓  Tasty desserts and snacks

    You don't have to give up desserts. Learn to prepare them in a diabetic healthy way!


    ✓  Beautiful images of each recipe

    These large, crisp pictures give you an idea of what you'll look forward to creating.


    ✓  Delicious recipes for snacks

    Yes, snacks can be healthy and delicious 


    ✓ Cacao is a powerful superfood

    Antioxidant rich cacao beans have a positive effect in lowering blood sugar levels.

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