Welcome to Ask Coach Liz


Ask Coach Liz is an online coaching platform helping adults, and youth become their best selves. 


Ask Coach Liz was founded by Elizabeth L. Merriweather in 2012. She realized that to live your best life means making changes in many areas; fitness, nutrition, career, spirituality, relationships, emotions, recreation and hobbies and goals, just to name a few. Ask Coach Liz was developed to serve as a platform to connect coaches and clients to address these issues and more.


All coaching is done virtually so that coaching is accessible and convenient. Geography is no longer a barrier to success. 


Who uses Ask Coach Liz?


Groups, organizations, schools, churches, women, men, and youth (ages 12 and up) who have a desire to live their best lives.


Coach Liz has over 30 years of experience providing therapy and coaching services. She has helped students, leaders, active duty service members, couples, men and women achieve the vision they have for their lives.


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