8 Weeks to Mastering Nutrition for DIABETES


Are you struggling to manage your diabetes? Do you have diabetes or pre-diabetes and are hoping to improve or potentially reverse your diagnosis? Do you need help building consistent, healthy habits to lower your A1C and manage your blood glucose levels? 


That’s how Sallie felt before she took the 8 Weeks to Mastering Nutrition for Diabetes 

masterclass with Lauren Tronolone and Liz Merriweather. But after committing to the course, putting in the work, and incrementally adjusting her daily habits, Sallie is now experiencing more stable blood glucose levels and lowered her A1C!


Your health is your top priority but your time is limited. You're pulled in a million directions on a daily basis. But 30 minutes every week is manageable and can be squeezed in before work, on a weekend, or before bed.

Are you ready for change?

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8 Weeks to Mastering Nutrition for Diabetes

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to change your habits of eating, exercising, and stress management so that you can better manage your BGL and A1C levels and free up energy to focus on living your best life! 


I’m Ready!


Sit down with Lauren and Liz for eight weekly, pre-recorded video sessions to craft your unique path to success in managing your diabetes, gestational diabetes or pre-diabetes. You’ll learn: 


✓ how nutrition impacts your BGL and A1C levels


✓ how to eat healthy carbohydrate foods - and enjoy them!


✓ strategies for consistently tracking and knowing what impacts A1c and BGL’s


✓ strategies to de-stress and optimize the body and mind connection


✓ how to identify what exercise best fits your lifestyle 


Are you ready for change?

The entire 8 week masterclass is only $97.00! See the drop down boxes below for payment options.

If you can dedicate 30 minutes for eight weeks to soak up real, practical advice, you’re in the right place. If you enjoy self-paced learning plus an ongoing, supportive community, we’ve got your back. And if you appreciate learning from people who walk the walk and talk the talk, this masterclass is 100% the right place for you.

Meet Your Teachers

8 Weeks to Mastering Nutrition for DIABETES Masterclass

Liz Merriweather, LCSW, Certified Mental Health Provider Diabetes Program, American Diabetes Association and co-facilitator of 8 Weeks to Mastering Nutrition for Diabetes.


With over 30 years of experience, Liz has helped thousands achieve their goals. For the past five years, she has worked extensively with diabetics, helping them make lifestyle changes - and in some cases, reversing type 2 diabetes altogether. She'd be honored to support your journey.


Liz is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University with a Master's Degree in social work, and also a certified Life Coach through the Institute for Life Coach Training, an International Coaching Federation accredited program. Liz looks forward to partnering with you to discover your path to optimizing your healthy lifestyle.


Liz is co-author of the diabetes cookbook, Everything Cacao for Diabetics as well as The Ultimate Fitness Workbook.

Lauren Tronolone, RDN, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and co-facilitator of 8 Weeks to Mastering Nutrition for Diabetes.


Lauren was raised by parents who loved to cook and bake. Home is where her love for food originated, but it wasn't the only reason the idea of becoming a dietitian fit her. Since she was young, Lauren had to work around allergies of her own and the food allergies of her close friends. She researched favorite recipes because she still wanted herself and her friends to enjoy those foods. This is where her love for helping others with their diets evolved.  


​Lauren graduated from Seton Hill University with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. She also had the opportunity to volunteer for the Center for Courageous Kids Camp during diabetes week to help assist kids with their diabetic needs and to further her knowledge about diabetes in general. Lauren is co-author of the diabetes recipe book, Everything Cacao for Diabetics


Sallie Franks, Michigan

"Enjoyable. Helped me get back on track with watching my A1C, which was 7.0. By taking the Masterclass it went down to an amazing 6.2. My doctor and diabetic nurse liked that and were excited about my results. I highly recommend the Masterclass to get you back on track!"

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